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About us

About Delhi Hair Clinic

Delhi Hair Clinic, Bathinda was founded with the motive to change the human looks in India. We are the pioneers of hair transplantation in Northern region and have very dedicated team of professional medical experts those are highly trained and they can provide best service to our patients with the hellp of advanced FUE and FUT Techniques. We work on International level of hair transplant including technological advancement at most affordable and reasonable price. Patients can interact with the surgeons, the counseling team and patients who have got successful results and make choice of their own on merits of technique rather than its price. The Environment we provide to our patients is really admirable comfortable for our patients. For references you can get actual patient histories of the cases done by Dr Sanjay Garg. We make every possible effort to honor the trust put into our services.

“DELHI HAIR CLINIC” Our Surgical Clinic the Complete Hair Solution Center

Delhi Hair Clinic is a one stop solution for all your skin and hair problems .You can be assured of genuine advice with highest standards of care and ethical values. We are dedicated to provide world class care with highest ethical standards. Should you elect to have hair transplant surgery at our clinic, not only will you receive a world–class hair transplant. For patients, our location is very convenient and its also very easy to find. We offer the most advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment of all varieties of diseases involving the skin.

The Environment

When considering the infrastructure of our clinic, we wanted to ensure that our patients knew they were in a world-class hair transplant clinic the moment they walked into our clinic. At the same time, we wanted to offer a warm and inviting environment. We truly believe we’ve accomplished this balance with our newly designed clinic.

Surgical Suites

Our hair transplant surgery suites are built for comfort. For the majority of our patients, surgery can take up to eight hours or more. Understanding this, we’ve taken every step possible to ensure that our patients are comfortable and satisfied through our hospitality.

Our surgery suites offer modern and relaxing surgery chairs (many of our patients take a nap during their surgery), mounted flat screen TVs, a huge library of movies, Netflix is available, music to choose from and complete privacy. Restrooms are only steps away from each of our suites as well.

The Hair Transplant Technicians

Our hair transplant technicians play a crucial role in the hair transplant surgery process. Our highly trained technicians are responsible for dissecting the Follicular Units from the donor strips as well as placing the grafts into the graft sites created by our surgeons. They also assist with the removal of surgical staples, post surgery and pre-surgery hair rinses and more.You may refer to the Grafts Calculator section to get complete knowledge about the Grafts

Hair Transplant Doctors

Dr.Sanjay Garg (MBBS, M.S. Surgery, Formely Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi)

Dr. Sanjay Garg obtained his MD degree and has worked for several years with a Formely Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi . Dr.  Garg acquired the skills to perform scalp reductions, Beard Transplant, Eyebrow hair transplant, Body Hair transplantations. Ability to perform major scalp surgery is crucial when faced with difficult repair cases. To this day Dr. Sanjay Garg & Dr Lovely Garg are continuously serving the human looks in India.

  • Experience of 21 Years in Field of Surgery
  • 800+ successful FUE Hair Transplants since 2011.
  • Pioneer in the field of FUE Hair Transplant
  • Training From Different – 2 Centers
    • Bombay
    • Pune
    • Delhi
    • Chandigarh
  • Member of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeon INDIA(AHRS)

Dr.(Mrs.) Lovely Garg [M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D.]

  • Experience of more than 19 years at Delhi Nursing Home
  • Excellent Management Skill with Patient & Staff

Contributions To The Hair Transplant Industry

Early on there were a few doctors that recognized the benefits of the lateral slits but the majority carried on using their current technique. Dr. Sanjay and Lovely Garg (Delhi Hair Clinic) devoted their time exclusively to hair surgery.

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