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FUE is one of the latest and best techniques used by the Doctors for hair transplantation.It is advanced hair restoration harvesting method which is done absolutely without any stitches and scalpels, it uses the special microsurgical instrument to take out hair follicles one by one from the donor area. The Advanced FUE enable the creation of larger donor pools by harvesting follicles from areas outside the head such as chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, face, and beard. Also, Advanced FUE addresses the fact that hair often grows in curved trajectories. With standard FUE surgical there is the assumption that this growth occurs as a straight line.This process doesn’t harm you anymore it is totally natural and organic kind of process.

Key features of Fue techniques
1)No pain and no linear scars left after the treatment.
2)It Takes only 4-6 hours to complete the full course of action/treatment
3)It provides you natural and best looks after the completion of hair Transplant surgery.
4)As this technique helps you to recover faster and quicker
5)one of the most important things about this method is that it gives completely and purely natural growth of hairs within few months.
6)donor area from where the hair is extracted looks unaffected and unchanged after the treatment.
7)Treatment is without any wounds and no pain.

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