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Maximizing hair transplant growth since the follicular hair is a distinct anatomic and psychologic entity, preserving intact during the graft dissection is felt to maximize growth.In FUT after hair is removed from the back of the scalp in a single strip stereo-microscopic dissection allows the individual follicular unit to be removed from this strip without being damaged.

In the older mini micro-grafting techniques, hair was harvested multiple strips with the follicular unit in each strip stage showing damage from the harvesting blades.The strips when cutting into smaller pieces a process that would break up follicular units and risk additional damage to the follicles.


1)Strip of skin is removed under local anesthesia
2)The strip is processed highly technical way by expert to make graft which is then implanted in the desired area

Key features of Fut Techniques
1)This method allows the extraction of more grafts(4000-5000ufs) per day.
2)This techniques involves lower cost and less time in order to complete full course of action/hair transplant surgery.
3)This methods helps you to recover completely faster and quicker
4)It gives you natural,organic,best and pleasant looks after the completion of hair transplant surgery

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