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Grafts Calculator

Adolescent / Juvenile Hairline.
Not actually balding.
Hairline rests on upper brow crease.
Hair Required: 800-1000 Roots

Mature hairline, about 1.5 cm above upper brow crease for some temporal recession.
Not represent balding.
Hair Required: 1000-2000 Roots

Early stage of hair loss.
Deepening of temporal recession.
Hair Required: 2000-3000 Roots

Early hair loss at the crown (vertex).
Hair Required: 2000-3000 Roots

Frontal hair loss and enlargement of vertex.
Solid band of hair separating front from vertex.
Hair Required: 3000-3500 Roots

Enlarged front and crown bald areas.
Bridge of hair b/w front & vertex break down.
Hair Required: 3500-4000 Roots

Disappearance of connecting bridge in single large front and top bald area on scalp.
Hair Required: 4000-5000 Roots

Extensive hair loss.
Only a wreath of hair remains at back and sides of the scalp.
Hair Required: 5000-6000 Roots


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