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Hair Transplant Gurdaspur


If you are searching for Hair Transplant Surgery in Gurdaspur then you must have to visit DELHI HAIR CLINIC. In this clinic, we provide you the best quality results within 6 months with latest and modern techniques.

There are many reasons through which you can get these hair complications at some point of your life span. Many of these hair issues will vanish after some few months and new hair will grow. But there are also some problems which need medical treatment. For example, if you fail to get proper treatment on time, then you will end up bald headed. As a matter of fact, in a clinic for Hair implant in Gurdaspur we use various technologically advanced equipment to accomplish the surgery. We have a squad of specialized doctors that will look after you during whole treatment.For further information you may visit our Blogs section

Various Treatments available for Hair Transplant in Gurdaspur:

There are different types of Hair Grafting Centres in Gurdaspurthat will give you a natural looking hair. But Visit Delhi hair clinic, we will be the best choice, especially in Gurdaspur. We bring you all the modern equipment from abroad to give you a comfortable surgery. we also provide you the panel of the best Surgeons in Delhi hair clinic for Hair Restoration in Gurdaspur patients. So if you are searching hair restoration in Gurdaspur, we recommend you to visit Delhi Hair Clinic.

FUE Transplantation:

It is one of the latest and updated methods that is being used for Hair Plug in Gurdaspur. Even in Delhi hair clinic, this method is being used where hair follicles are not removed. Through this, you will get denser hair with more longevity.

FUT Transplantation:

It is also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation which is an old traditional method for hair restoration. Usually, it involves extracting linear removal of hair especially from the back of the scalp. but in our clinic we use latest technique for hair transplant FUE

Graft Extraction:

In this technique the grafts is individually removed and planted in the area where there is less amount of hair or bald. you can calculate the grafts you need by using Graft calculator it will give you a complete picture of the grafts cost you need.

Natural Hair Grafting within 6 months

Once the doctors are finished their Hair Grafting Surgeries with the latest & advanced Techniques. which gives you best results within 6 months. Apart from that, it takes very less time approximately 7-8 hours to complete process. However, as there is no bleeding, it hardly takes 10 days to cure completely. if you still have queries related Hair Transplant Surgery You may visit our FAQ section for some of the most commonly asked queries.

Hair Transplantation Cost:

Usually, in India Hair Transplant Clinic will charge 30/- to 40/- per grafts according to patients budget which is big amount. generally, lots of patients get cheated by doctors just because of price difference. but in our clinic we charge Rs. 12 Per Graft our pricing is very transparent. but if you are searching for a Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurdaspur then don’t worry about charges because DELHI HAIR CLINIC is there. I don’t think you will get better facilities in any other clinic like Delhi hair clinic. Our clinic is providing a discount offer of 2500 grafts at just Rs. 29,800/-. The discount offer is amazing and you will not get such offers anywhere.

Why Delhi Hair Clinic

If you are planing to get hair transplant in Gurdaspur you will get the world-class Treatment and best team of the doctors led by Dr Sanjay Garg who have 20 years of experience. we have more than 2000 satisfied Patients. Our doctors are chosen from renowned medical institute of India or abroad. Here we use the latest technically advanced Techniques. at an affordable cost.

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