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Hair loss or Baldness is one of the most common problem faced by people these days. There are many clinics, brands in the market advertising about their brand or products to stop hair loss. But hair transplantation is the unbeatable solution to the baldness. If you are one of the sufferer from baldness and if you are looking for hair transplant In Haryana, Though Haryana is packed with the number of hair transplant clinics, but we will recommend you to go for hair transplant in Delhi Hair Clinic because our clinic is offering best hair transplant in Haryana by Hair Transplant surgeon they offer hair transplant surgery in Haryana at affordable cost we charge 12/- per graft.

DELHI HAIR CLINIC is the one of the most trusted and reputed hair transplantation clinic in North India. The range of services we provide to our patients is absolutely commendable, We provide you the best hair restoration surgeries, We are equipped with the latest and modern technologies and we use advanced FUE & FUT techniques for the surgery, we have a pannel of well qualified surgeons led under the expert supervision of Dr. Sanjay Garg who have experience of over more than 20 years and have performed more than 2000 transplants.


There are rumors about hair transplant that it is a quite expensive deal but it is actually not so, the cost of hair transplant totally depends on the the number of grafts required for the patients and varies from patient to patient. The prices offered by us our affordable and cheap and and can be accessed by anyone easily. We charge you Rs 12 per Graft which is very cheap as compared to that of Other clinics. You must use our Grafts Calculator section to calculate the amount of grafts you need and get a rough estimate of cost of your hair transplant.

Do transplanted hairs need extra care?

Your transplanted hair will be just like your original hair it generally takes 6 months to get back dense and bulk volume hair, the transplanted hair can be cut trimmed or styled according to your mind , You don’t have to take extra care of your hairs, visit our FAQ section for some related question
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