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Hair Transplant Jammu

Loosing hair and baldness leads to shyness and in the lack of confidence, it makes a person look dull. They feel that they look ugly without hair, and they want re-growth of hair soon. If you are among those people and facing the same problem and looking for the long lasting solution then we would suggest you to not waste your money and time behind some ineffective treatments and remedies, and go for Hair implant. If you are residing in Jammu and searching for a good hair transplant centre in Jammu, then visit DELHI HAIR CLINIC as soon as possible, Generally people from Jammu like to have their hair implantation in punjab because of their optimum services and low cost.

There are lots of hair transplant centers available in North India offering multiple options for hair transplant but do you know 95% of them are not effective at all. So, it will be better to go to DELHI HAIR CLINIC for one time rather than searching for some useless treatment centers in Jammu. DELHI HAIR CLINIC is the most popular and recommended hair transplant clinic in North India. Charges we cost per unit graft is extremely low.

Hair Grafting in Jammu

There are multiple numbers of hair restoration centers available in Jammu, but Delhi Hair Clinic is the perfect place for hair grafting, no matter what type of hair problem you are facing. They have a team of professional surgeons and experts. The surgeon’s team of Delhi hair Clinic use advanced equipments and latest Techniques and is lead by pannel of experienced doctors having more than 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and they hold a list of over 5000 successful transplants. The surgeon’s team are friendly and offers the best treatment over the country with thousands of happy and satisfied customers.

How Much Time does it required to get cured?

Hair transplant does not indicate any fear or danger, without any bleeding or stitching you will be safe during the transplantation. Hair implantation treatment is being completed within 8 hours and takes only 2 days approximately to cure the affected zone, where it covers the baldness on 2 to 3 weeks. Our doctors and the team will take care of every single thing and recommend you proper tips and routines to maintain for better results to get more details about hair transplant, its procedures, techniques visit the Blogs section of our official site.


Hair transplant in Jammu may be little expensive compared to the clinic in Punjab. The Delhi hair clinic is now offering a discount on hair implantation in Jammu. Now you just need to pay Rs. 29,800 for transplanting 2500 grafts. it is very cheap cost as compared to other Hair Transplant clinic in jammu you can use the Grafts calculator to get a rough idea of how many grafts you need and estimate the amount for your implantation. For having a perfect idea about the hair transplant.

This price we provide is very less as compared to that of any other hair transplant center in the country. So if you decided to have a hair transplant than instead of having hair grafting in Jammu, opt for punjab

Why you should choose us?

Yes, this is true that some of the hair transplant centers in Jammu have some good surgeons, however, if you are looking for the best hair transplant at a low price, then DELHI HAIR CLINIC is the most suggested option for you. we provide you the foremost services in a really low and affordable price (12/- Per Graft), The surgeons of Delhi hair clinic use advanced equipment, resolving all types of hair problems. We also take care about the comfort of our patient, and we provide a healthy environment to our patients we deliver you the best possible services at the cheapest and affordable cost.

Now if you are planning hair transplant in Jammu then you must go for a hair Grafting Surgery In Delhi Hair Clinic and get the best result in affordable price. We are always there to support you.

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